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Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.
— –Franz Kafka

Today Looks Beautiful
Katie Cole                              Portland, OR

Email.  contact@todaylooksbeautiful.com  Instagram. todaylooksbeautiful

We live in a beautiful world with beautiful people who create beautiful things. Beauty evokes true and deep emotion, enriching our lives and souls. Every day, in some small way, each of us adds our own beauty to the universe.

A born-and-bred PNW girl, I came into this world with the joy of arts and crafts in my soul and the urge to create. This passion culminated into a studio arts degree, which I earned in 2009. Ready to leap into the creative job force and bring my artistic joys to the community, I soon discovered that a recession job market takes no prisoners. Forced to put my creative dreams on hold, I donned a green Starbucks apron, later taking my love for helping others into customer service.

But, after nine years in the workforce, I felt unfulfilled. No longer able to keep my creative endeavors to myself and feeling the unrelenting draw to share my creative joy, I took the leap into small business ownership and in 2018, turned my creative work into a full-time career.

What can I do for you?

I strive to add my own beauty to the world by creating and sharing my projects in ceramics, macramé, and printmaking, planning an unforgettable special event, designing rooms that bring joy, and guiding people on their journey to better self care. Nothing makes me happier than discovering the pieces that fit together to create a room that inspires delight. Whether you want to turn your home into a peaceful haven or throw a party for the ages, I turn your visions into a reality. Satisfaction of the mind begins when you find your happy place, and I will create that for you.

Let's make today beautiful.